Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start Alluring Feet?

I have always thought women's feet were beautiful and sensual. Feet are delicate, sensitive, and have an intricate elegance. I love when people pay attention to my feet. I love when people are attracted to my feet, and I love to have them touched and kissed!

So I have always tried to make my feet look good and have never been afraid to flaunt them. After a few people mentioned it to me, I explored the online foot fetish world a little bit. What I saw was not that inspiring. 

So I decided to try taking a few feet-focused photos of my own. And I had a blast! I loved looking for fun and beautiful locations. I loved showing off my feet and posing for the shoot. So it became a hobby, and eventually I developed a vision to try to create a uniquely artistic, elegant foot fetish indulgence. And that's Alluring Feet! 


Does Alluring Feet have a free preview? 

Instead of a stale preview page, I post previews and sneak peaks on social media all the time! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Keep in mind the photos I share on social media are typically reduced to 1,000 pixels wide. Members get super high quality 5,000 pixel photos. 


What size are your feet?

7.5 US/38 EU.


Do you like to have your feet kissed?

Definitely! I have what some might call a reverse foot fetish. I love when people are attracted to my feet. I love to have them caressed and kissed!


Are your feet ticklish? 

Yes, if you try! But I do love to have my feet touched and caressed. 


What are your favorite kind of shoes? 

Open toe high heels of course! But not just because they're sexy. My feet are actually most comfortable in heels. I don't know if its because of my high arches or just because they're just so used to heels, but my feet get sore if I wear flats for very long. 


Can members submit requests? 

I love to hear from members! You can send comments, questions, suggestions, or requests anytime. Click here


Where are you located? 

In the U.S. 


Where do you do your shoots?

All over the place! Some are in state and national parks. And some are just in various locations around the city. I'm always finding beautiful new locations to keep producing the most unique foot fetish content available.