About Me

I'm a 20-something girl who has always thought women's feet were beautiful and sensual. Feet are delicate, sensitive, and have an intricate elegance. Even among people who don't have a "foot fetish," women's feet are undeniably objects of sex appeal. 

So I have always tried to make my feet look good and have never been afraid to flaunt them. After a few people mentioned it to me, I explored the online foot fetish world a little bit. What I saw was not that inspiring. Photos that did justice to the complex beauty of feet were few and far between. I saw mostly simple pictures of women's feet in the same old boring settings. I rarely saw efforts to accentuate the various details that make feet so uniquely lovely. Worst of all, it seemed like every site had models whose feet had thick calluses, dry skin, broken nails, or half worn off polish. How do you go to a "foot fetish" photo shoot without a fresh pedicure? I mean, you had one job! 

So I decided to try taking a few feet-focused photos of my own. And I had a blast! I loved looking for fun and beautiful locations. I loved showing off my feet and posing for the shoot. I loved looking through all of the pictures and picking out favorites. So I made it a hobby and started Alluring Feet! 

Alluring Feet is not another normal foot fetish site. I strive to keep my feet perfectly pedicured and soft. (But that doesn't mean I'm afraid to get them dirty once in a while!) The photographs are high quality, high definition. The settings are unique, interesting, and beautiful. And the photography thoughtfully, perhaps even artfully, highlights the different attributes of feet that make them so alluring. I hope you enjoy Alluring Feet as much as I do! 

XO 👣 - AF